Speech Therapy support

First 5 people to join get 50% Discount on The Young Talkers VIP

By joining ‘Young Talkers VIP’, you’ll get access to Speech Therapy support for your child for a small monthly membership fee of £49 pounds a month.

The first 5 people who join will have access for £25 for the first month plus special bonuses! (see further below).

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You will use the knowledge gained by being a VIP member to create the best communicative environment at home.

YOU are the best person to teach your child to talk! 

Receive the right advice and support from me to guide you along the way.

By joining this early notification list, you’ll be the first to know when ‘The Young Talkers VIP’ membership is ready for you to join.

The first 5 people to sign up will get special access to our Early-Bird bonuses 👇:

💥 Get a mini initial assessment where I review up to 3 videos of your child and you’ll receive direct feedback on these.

💥 Receive a 30-minute virtual 1:1 session with me so you can make a start on therapy activities with your child.

By joining the Young Talkers VIP you will learn:

💠 How to Create an Environment at Home to Enrich your Child’s Communication.

💠 How to Set & Achieve All Your Child’s Communication Goals.

💠 How to Deepen the Communication Relationship with your Child at Home.

💠 How to Confidently Support your Child’s Communication Skills to Help them Progress.

You will be able to:

✔ Get focused on targeting your child’s communication difficulties and ultimately working towards helping them improve their skills.

✔ Regularly check in with me as your Speech Therapist to make sure you’re on the right track and doing the best to help your child at home.

✔ Receive support from like-minded parents who are all in this membership for the same reasons. You are not alone!

✔ Learn about  different aspects of communication and further your understanding of communication difficulties.

And much, much more…