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Focusing on children and young adults with communication difficulties in Nottingham

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If your worried about your child’s communication and have questions.

We’ll explore the challenges faced by you and your young talker.

You’ll leave knowing how I can help you and your child move forward.

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What Young Talkers Offers

Young Talkers is a private Speech and Language Therapy (SLT) service in Nottinghamshire run by Nergis Ahmed (that’s me!), a qualified Speech Therapist, with over 18 years (15 years in the NHS) experience in Nottingham.
I specialise in helping children and teenagers (0 – 18 years) to reach their speech, language and communication potential by providing therapy in their homes, in my clinic, through online sessions or in their educational settings.
If you’re looking for assessment and ongoing therapy tailored to meet your child’s individual needs in a friendly, caring and personal way, then you’re in the right place!
I support children who have difficulties in one or more areas of their speech, language and communication skills. Some of these may be:
  • Attention, listening and concentration
  • Using first words
  • Putting words into sentences
  • Using correct grammar
  • Understanding spoken instructions
  • Unclear speech sounds
  • Social communication and interaction with others
  • Autistic Spectrum Disorders
  • Learning difficulties
  • Stammering/stuttering
  • Memory
  • Cleft lip and palate
  • Bilingual children with communication difficulties
  • Voice difficulties

Why choose to work with me

Caring Service

At Young Talkers I understand that you and your child are unique, so I treat you accordingly. I plan therapy individually for each child’s needs.

Fully Qualified

Over 18 years’ of experience (15 in the NHS) and registered with different accredited Speech Therapy & professional healthcare organisations.

Online / Face to Face Services

I offer therapy and assessment remotely over an online video conferencing platform or in person to support you with your child’s communication.

Flexible Therapy Packages Available

Phone consultations to discuss your concerns.
Sessions often arranged in different environments to support your child

“You have helped us no end, honestly I can’t thank you enough. Just to have your input and support has been such a big deal for us, me in particular and I really believe my child wouldn’t be making anywhere near as much progress without you!!.”

– Lovely Mummy of twins

Hi I’m Nergis Ahmed. I work with worried parents/ staff of children struggling to communicate or perhaps not talking at all. I help you to unlock your child’s communication potential so your child can have better relationships, connecting with people and engage in the world around them.
Maybe some people have said it’s a waste of money, maybe you think you’ve tried everything or maybe you’ve accepted ‘this is how it is and she/he will talk in their own time’ but it doesn’t have to be this way. I don’t offer quick or magic fixes (spoiler alert: they don’t exist!) when it comes to communication, but what I can do is support you as a parent to help your child progress and finally unlock their language potential.
I aim to give you a toolkit of effective and proven strategies as well as the knowledge to confidently help your child with their talking. I help you make not just a connection with your little one but to also create amazing experiences with your child that you will never forget!
Helping children to improve their communication difficulties is not just my job – it’s something I am incredibly passionate about!
I have extensive experience of working with children, with particular knowledge in Autism, voice disorders, stammering and general speech and language difficulties.
I always keep my caseloads small so I can ensure I provide you and your young talker with all the time and attention they need. 
Outside of work, I am a mother of 4 children and I have many (many!) nephews and nieces, so being around children is second nature to me 😊

Would you like more support for your child’s communication?

Why not join my FREE Facebook group, Young Talkers SOS (Support Our Speech!)?
I share lots of Speech Therapy tips/ information and can help with questions if you’re feeling a little stuck!